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O2 Generator for Cylinder Refilling

RELITA oxygen making and cylinder refilling system can use PSA oxygen generator to generate oxygen and refill oxygen cylinders on site.

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Introduction of O2 Generator for Cylinder Refilling

RELITA oxygen making and cylinder refilling system can use PSA oxygen generator to generate oxygen and refill oxygen cylinders on site. PSA oxygen generator produces high purity oxygen gas directly from compressed air, after rise pressure to 150bar by oxygen booster, can make oxygen gas and refill into cylinders continuously.

The complete system is mainly composed of air compressor, air purification system, PSA oxygen generator, oxygen booster, cylinder refilling system and oxygen cylinders.


Specification Parameters of Oxygen Making Equipment


Brand New

Brand Name





Oxygen Gas

Production Rate



220V/50HZ, the voltage can be as local demand



O2 Purity


O2 Capacity


Oxygen Pressure:


Dew Point



Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)


8-10 years with proper maintenance

Key Words

Oxygen Making Machine, Oxygen Generator, High Purity Oxygen Device

Application Fields of Cylinder Filling Oxygen Generator

1) Electric steelmaking: decarburization, combustion-supporting heating, foam slag, metallurgical control and subsequent heating.

2) Sewage treatment: oxygen-enriched aeration for activated sludge, ponds oxygenation and ozone sterilization.

3) Glass melting: combustion-supporting dissolution, cutting to increase yield and extend the service life of stoves.

4) Pulp bleaching and paper making: changing chlorinated bleaching to oxygen-enriched bleaching with low cost, sewage treatment.

5) Non-ferrous metal metallurgy: oxygen-enriched smelting of steel, zinc, nickel, lead, etc. PSA technology is gradually taking the place of cryogenic technology.

6) Petrochemical and chemical industry: increasing the reaction speed and chemical production output by adopting oxygen-enriched oxidizing reaction.

7) Ore treatment: use oxygen in gold, etc. production process, to improve precious metal extraction efficiency.

8) Aquaculture: increasing dissolved oxygen in water by oxygen-enriched aeration to vastly improve fish yield, also can use oxygen when transport live fish.

9) Fermentation: replacing air with oxygen in fermentation to drastically improve efficiency.

10) Drinking water: providing oxygen to ozone generator for sterilization.

11) Medical industry: oxygen bar, oxygen therapy, physical health care, etc.

Main Features of O2 Generator for Cylinder Refilling

*Low energy consumption.

*Simple operation, easy start on/off, small occupation area, low maintenance cost.

*Advanced technical process, good operation flexibility, high operation reliability.

*High degree of automation, available at any moment, without hidden dangers.

*Equipped with castors at the bottom, can be moved conveniently to any place.


VIP Buyer One-Stop Service of Complete Oxygen Making System

RELITA provides not only high quality equipment but also excellent service to our customers. According to the requirements and actual situations of different customers, we will supply the most reasonable and economical integrated solutions, and provide cost-effective one-stop service, to remove customers' worries.

We also provide the following equipment:


Our Service of Oxygen Filling Station System

Ø Provide the technical design and solutions;

Ø New plant construction guidance;

Ø Designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment;

Ø Professional technical training and guidance on site according to the contract;

Ø Supply accessories at any time;

Ø Tele-technical consulting and services;

Ø Other special technical service according to client’s requirements.


Which Oxygen Generator Should I Choose?

Different parameters are essential for your choice of nitrogen generator.
• Which oxygen capacity do you need?
• Which oxygen pressure is required?
• What oxygen purity is required?

This is our standard range of oxygen generators. If you have other requirements we will be happy to produce a generator that matches your needs.

Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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