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Cylinder Filling Oxygen Generator

RELITA oxygen making and cylinder refilling system can use PSA oxygen generator to generate oxygen and refill oxygen cylinders on site.

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Introduction of Cylinder Filling Oxygen Generator

RELITA oxygen making and cylinder refilling system can use PSA oxygen generator to generate oxygen and refill oxygen cylinders on site. PSA oxygen generator produces high purity oxygen gas directly from compressed air, after rise pressure to 150bar by oxygen booster, can make oxygen gas and refill into cylinders continuously.

The complete system is mainly composed of air compressor, air purification system, PSA oxygen generator, oxygen booster, cylinder refilling system and oxygen cylinders.


Specification Parameters of Oxygen Making Machine


Brand New

Brand Name





Oxygen Gas

Production Rate



220V/50HZ, the voltage can be as local demand



O2 Purity


O2 Capacity


Oxygen Pressure:


Dew Point



Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)


8-10 years with proper maintenance

Key Words

Oxygen Making Machine, Oxygen Generator, High Purity Oxygen Equipment

Main Features of Cylinder Filling Oxygen Generator

1) Low energy consumption, stable performance, good adaptability and high efficiency. Oxygen capacity and purity can be adjusted.

2) Integrated skid-mounted design, easy and simple installation and operation, small occupation area.

3) Simple operation, intelligent control, can realize operating without worker.

4) Patent cylinder clamping device extends the service life of zeolite molecular sieve.

5) Adopt international famous brands pneumatic valves, to guarantee system continuous running.

6) With faults detection function, alarm and faults handling function.

7) Man-machine interface touch-screen, self-adaptive control for energy-saving, dew- point analyzer and remote DCS, etc. items are optional.


Model and Specifications of Oxygen Making System




12 Cylinders per Day (24 Hours)


20 Cylinders per Day (24 Hours)


40 Cylinders per Day (24 Hours)


60Cylinders per Day (24 Hours)


80 Cylinders per Day (24 Hours)


100 Cylinders per Day (24 Hours)


120 Cylinders per Day (24 Hours)


200Cylinders per Day (24 Hours)


400Cylinders per Day (24 Hours)


600 Cylinders per Day (24 Hours)

Remark: Cylinder volume is 40Liters.

Packing and Shipment of Oxygen Generator

Transport By Sea/By Train/By Air or By Express

Packing: Standard Export Packing


Q & A for PSA Oxygen Generator

Q: Which factors contribute to performance of PSA oxygen generators?
A: The key factors that contribute to performance of PSA oxygen generators are zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS), gas distribution, adsorption pressure and adsorption periods.
For a certain type of ZMS, the scientific gas distribution system contributes to higher utilization thus to bring down needed quantity of ZMS and longer service life. Optimized system will make the equipment simpler and more reliable.
Longer adsorption period leads to lower purity of the product gas and higher recovery of compressed air as well as fewer switch times which helps to minimize powderization of molecular sieves. To raise adsorption pressure will enlarge adsorption capacity of ZMS and get higher purity of product gas. However, due to limit of adsorption capacity, too high pressure will consume too much energy and will be not economical while the purity goes down.
Q: How does RELITA ensures its product quality?
A: RELITA quality management system is strictly executed. The feedback system enables BROTIE to improve its product quality and to prove and compare its parts suppliers to ensure every part of the products is of good quality. Experienced and well-educated workers incarnate the perfect manufacturing techniques to RELITA products.

Which Oxygen Generator Should I Choose?

Different parameters are essential for your choice of nitrogen generator.
• Which oxygen capacity do you need?
• Which oxygen pressure is required?
• What oxygen purity is required?

This is our standard range of oxygen generators. If you have other requirements we will be happy to produce a generator that matches your needs.

Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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