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Container Oxygen Generator

PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) oxygen generator, with ZMS (Zeolite Molecular Sieve) as adsorbent, on principle of pressuring to adsorb and depressuring to release, absorbs air and separates the oxygen from nitrogen thus to get oxygen gas.

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Introduction of Container Oxygen Generator

Working Principle

PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) oxygen generator, with ZMS (Zeolite Molecular Sieve) as adsorbent, on principle of pressuring to adsorb and depressuring to release, absorbs air and separates the oxygen from nitrogen thus to get oxygen gas. ZMS is round granular adsorbent full of micro pores inside and outside, which has characteristic of selective adsorption. N2 has a higher diffusion rate while O2 has a lower diffusion rate, therefore eventually N2 is adsorbed into ZMS while O2 is out of it.


Specification Parameters of Oxygen Making Equipment


Brand New

Brand Name





Oxygen   Gas

Production   Rate



220V/50HZ, the voltage can be as local demand



O2   Purity


O2   Capacity


Oxygen Pressure:


Dew Point



Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)


8-10 years with proper maintenance

Key Words

Oxygen Making Machine, Oxygen Generator, High   Purity Oxygen Device

No matter how far your gas using point is, no matter how bad natural environment is, no matter whether there is water & power supply or not, RELITA container type movable oxygen generating system can supply professional solutions for your required on-site oxygen.

RELITA container type oxygen generating system can be viewed as a mobile oxygen-making center, to provide oxygen and cylinder refilling continuously for different working sites.

System Composition of Container Oxygen Generator

Air compressor: electric drive or generator drive, air cooled screw air compressor.

Air purification system: with air buffer tank, air dryer and filters, etc.

PSA oxygen generator: with adsorption towers, control system, etc.

Oxygen booster: can rise oxygen pressure up to 150 bar.

Cylinder refilling system (optional): with manifold and oxygen cylinders.


Application Fields of Container Oxygen Generator

1) Electric furnace steelmaking: decarburization, combustion-supporting heating, foaming slag, metallurgical control and subsequent heating.
2) Sewage treatment: oxygen-enriched aeration of activated sludge, pond oxidation and ozone disinfection.
3) Glass melting: combustion supports dissolution, cutting to increase production and extend the life of the furnace.
4) Pulp bleaching and papermaking: changing chlorination bleaching to oxygen-enriched bleaching, low-cost, sewage treatment.
5) Non-ferrous metallurgy: PSA technology such as steel, zinc, nickel, lead and other oxygen-rich smelting is gradually replacing low-temperature technology.
6) Petrochemical and chemical industries: Oxygen-enriched oxidation reactions are used to increase reaction rates and chemical yields.
7) Ore treatment: use oxygen in the production process of gold to improve the extraction efficiency of precious metals.
8) Aquaculture: Increase oxygen production in the water by oxygen-enriched aeration, which greatly increases fish production. Oxygen can also be used when transporting live fish.
9) Fermentation: The use of oxygen instead of air in the fermentation to significantly increase efficiency.
10) Drinking water: Provide oxygen to the ozone generator for disinfection.
11) Medical industry: oxygen bar, oxygen therapy, body care, etc.

Service Warranty of Container Type Oxygen Generator

1, Equipment maintenance

Quality guaranty period:15months after equipment factory delivery or 12 months after equipment site operation inspection acceptance, whichever occurs first;

2, Site commissioning

If necessary, the seller provides free site operation and maintenance training. If site service is provided, the customer provides charges for visa application, round trip air tickets, board and lodge charges,

transportation charges, etc. for service engineers.

After training, operation personnel are to be able to operate the equipment efficiently;

After training, the maintenance personnel are to be able to master daily maintenance and repair knowledge;

3, Service response time

Upon reception of the notice of equipment failure, within 24 hours, provide the best solution and guidance.

4, Other service

Periodically remind the buyer to replace wearing parts, check equipment;

Periodically perform product operation survey, collect service suggestions;

Establish after-sales service record.

VIP Buyer One-Stop Service of Complete Oxygen Making System

RELITA provides not only high quality equipment but also excellent service to our customers. According to the requirements and actual situations of different customers, we will supply the most reasonable and economical integrated solutions, and provide cost-effective one-stop service, to remove customers' worries.

We also provide the following equipment:


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