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High Purity Psa Nitrogen Generator For Food Packaging

Low installation and running costs,RELITA generators run on electricity only, Minimum maintenance,Having your own supply prevents downtime due to gas shortage

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Introduction of High Purity Psa Nitrogen Generator for Food Packaging

The whole nitrogen generation system consists of air compressor, air dryer, precision filter system, PSA nitrogen generator, air storage tank and nitrogen storage tank.

Air compressor: It is the main body of feed air device, to provide feed air for pressure

swing adsorption oxygen-nitrogen system at certain pressure and flowrate.

Air Dryer: The compressed air after passing the pipeline filter enters into air dryer. The function of air dryer is to cool the compressed air to be about 5℃. The water vapor in the air is condensed into liquid water, it is separated and filtered by moisture filter and then discharged through blow-down valve. The atmospheric dew point of compressed air is up to about -20℃.

Nitrogen Generator: Oxygen and nitrogen separation system is the main part of nitrogen generator and composed of two adsorption towers (filled with carbon molecular sieve), pneumatic valve, silencer and stop valve. When the pressure increases, one adsorption tower absorbs oxygen and generates nitrogen, while the other absorption tower conducts deoxidation and regeneration by depressurization. Nitrogen is continually generated by this alternate cycle.

Specification Parameters


Brand New

Brand Name


Control Mode

Intelligent Control

Production Rate


Nitrogen Purity

95%,97%,99%,99.5%,99.9%,99.99%,99.999%, 99.9995%, etc.


220V/50HZ, the voltage can be as local demand


Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

Service Life

10 years with proper maintenance

Key Words

Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Making Equipment, High Purity Nitrogen Generator



Payment term


RELITA can design a nitrogen generator that fits your particular requirements.

Machine Application

1) Beer, wine, fruit spirit and edible oil: use N2 for holding tank, bottle blowing and before closing capsule to remove O2. It can prevent oxidation, spoilage and fading of noncarbonated beverage and edible oil.

2) Puffed and fried food: N2 can prevent food fluffy and flavor reversion caused by little water in the bags. N2 also can make the shape and package beautiful, and food will not be crushed in transportation. 

3) Pastry, bakery food and vitellus-pie: Flushing N2 inside the food bags can prolong freshness time and prevent food being metamorphose and crushed in transportation.

4) Milk Powder and soyabean milk powder: just use little N2 can prevent or reduce agglomerate phenomenon of milk powder caused by long-time extrusion storage.
5) Cereal, nut, fruit and vegetable: Flushing N2 can prevent pests harming, and saving little O2 can reduce breathing rate of fruit to make the fresh effect more obvious.

6) Candy and snack foods: N2 is mainly suitable used in the airtight food bags.




You get many benefits from a RELITA solution - here are some:


• Be you own supplier
• On-site and mobile solutions
• Produce gas when and where you need it
• Get a solution that exactly fits your needs

Cost Savings

• Low installation and running costs
• RELITA generators run on electricity only

• Minimum maintenance
• Having your own supply prevents downtime due to gas shortage
• No excess gas is produced
• No transportation or delivery charges
• Quick pay-back - often less than a year

Easy Operation

• Fully automated nitrogen generators
• Minimum maintenance
• Easy installation and operation

High Quality

• Only quality components are used
• Durable and reliable nitrogen generators


Our Service and advantage

*Product quality control and delivery time is strictly controlled;
*Direct manufacturing factory offering competitive price;
*All the inquiries will be replied within 12 hours;
*OEM & ODM service are available;
*Providing first-class after-sales services to the customers.


Which Nitrogen Generator Should I Choose?

Different parameters are essential for your choice of nitrogen generator.
• Which nitrogen capacity do you need? How many packaging machines need flush nitrogen gas?
• Which kind of food need nitrogen gas?
• What purity is required?

This is our standard range of nitrogen generators. If you have other requirements we will be happy to produce a generator that matches your needs.
Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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