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Container Nitrogen Generator Application And Features
- Nov 02, 2018 -

The container nitrogen generator has a wide range of applications. The machine has the advantages of wide adaptability and movable operation. It is mainly used in petroleum, natural gas, chemical and other related fields. The purity, flow rate and pressure of nitrogen production are stable and adjustable to meet the needs of different customers.


The main features of containerized nitrogen generators:

1. High nitrogen production efficiency and large output. The machine uses advanced technology and is equipped with a unique airflow distributor to make the airflow distribution more uniform, efficient use of carbon molecular sieves, and provide qualified nitrogen in a short time.

2, easy to use, easy to operate. The structure of the containerized nitrogen generator itself is compact and reasonable, reducing the space occupied. When the site is installed, it is only necessary to connect the power supply to obtain nitrogen.

3, the use of economy, cost-effective. The container type nitrogen generator adopts a simple nitrogen production method. The air is used as the raw material, and the energy consumption is only the electric energy consumed by the air compressor, and has the advantages of low operating cost, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

4. Mechatronics design realizes automatic operation. The container type nitrogen generator is controlled by PLC, the system is fully automatic, the nitrogen flow pressure purity is adjustable and continuously displayed, and it can be unattended.http://www.cnrelita.com/

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