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Wide application of nitrogen generators for chemical industry
- Sep 28, 2018 -

The chemical nitrogen generator uses compressed air as a raw material, and utilizes the adsorption characteristics of the molecular sieve to separate oxygen and enrich nitrogen to obtain high-purity nitrogen. Nitrogen is a protective inert gas widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, electronics, solar energy and other industries. Nitrogen accounts for 79% of air, which is easy to extract and low in cost compared to other inert gases.


In the chemical industry, the use of nitrogen generators for chemical production to produce nitrogen, the use of nitrogen in the chemical process to create an oxygen-free atmosphere, improve the safety of the production process, fluid power source and so on. In the process of nitrogen production, the carbon molecular sieve is used as the adsorbent. Under a certain pressure, the adsorption of oxygen in the air by the carbon molecular sieve is much larger than that of nitrogen, and the separation of oxygen and nitrogen is completed to obtain the nitrogen of the desired purity.


Chemically inert nitrogen is often required during the production, storage and transportation of chemical products. Nitrogen is used in the chemical industry for fire, moisture and oxidation prevention. It is widely used in chemical transportation, chemical production process materials and catalyst protection, chemical product packaging nitrogen sealing, chemical pipeline and container purging, chemistry. Prevent moisture during production.


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