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What are the excellent performance of mobile nitrogen gas generator?
- Dec 24, 2018 -

The mobile nitrogen gas generator is easy to operate and can be used in different workplaces. In the production process, its performance is stable and reliable, due to the use of advanced nitrogen process design, scientific gas distribution structure, adsorption tower of composite bed structure, unique carbon molecular sieve process, unique carbon molecular sieve protection measures and cylinder The organic combination of several automatic compression compensation devices enables the normal service life of carbon molecular sieves to be more than ten years.

The mobile nitrogen gas generator can be continuously produced for a long time, which is efficient and reliable. It is equipped with a selectable touch control system, adopts humanized interface design, and has multi-screen display function. It can display parameters such as nitrogen purity, flow, pressure, fault signal, etc. online, and can modify operating parameters online, with remote monitoring and remote transmission. The signal and remote start-stop function are highly automated and easy to operate, enabling automatic and unmanned operation.

At the same time, the nitrogen gas produced by the mobile nitrogen gas generator is stable in quality, and the purity and pressure of the nitrogen can be adjusted to ensure nitrogen production and purity, and the pressure is stable for a long time. Compared to small and medium-sized devices, mobile nitrogen generators have low operating costs.


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