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The specific role and product characteristics of N2 generator for electronics industry
- Dec 03, 2018 -

At present, nitrogen is used in many fields of production. For example, in the electronics industry, it is often necessary to purge the silicon wafer with dry and clean nitrogen to keep the silicon wafer dry and clean. In the large-scale integrated circuit production process, high-purity nitrogen supplied by the N2 generator for the electronics industry can be used as a carrier gas, an inert shielding gas, and an encapsulating gas for the chemical reaction gas.

Main performance characteristics of N2 generator for the electronics industry:

1. Adsorption can be carried out under normal temperature conditions without considering the problem of thermal insulation;

2. the entire production process is simple, the electronic industry N2 generator structure design is compact and small, occupying less space;

3. The N2 generator for the electronics industry starts up quickly, produces gas quickly, and can supply gas continuously;

4. The N2 generator used in the electronics industry has low energy consumption, low operating cost and low investment;

5. The N2 generator for the electronics industry is easy to open and stop, easy to operate and maintain, and easy to install;

6. In actual operation, the machine has good adaptability, and the product nitrogen technical index can be adjusted according to the process requirements.


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