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The role ofNitrogen Generator for Food Preservation and its correct purchase
- Oct 19, 2018 -

In order to extend the storage and storage period of food, it is necessary to artificially isolate the food from oxygen in the air, and prevent it from coming into contact with oxygen to prevent oxidation of fat and microorganisms. At the same time, the food is isolated from the air, and it can effectively prevent the moisture in the food from evaporating or sublimating from the surface into the air, which requires the use of a Nitrogen Generator for Food Preservation


Nitrogen Generator for Food Preservation This nitrogen-making equipment mainly uses the principle of PSA pressure swing adsorption to use air as a raw material to separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air through a carbon molecular sieve. Further, the nitrogen gas obtained after the separation is introduced into the nitrogen-enriched buffer tank, and the molecular sieve can be desorbed and regenerated under reduced pressure, so that nitrogen gas can be continuously produced.


In the purchase of Nitrogen Generator for Food Preservation, it is necessary to consider some specific aspects and factors, and there are many factors and aspects involved, such as the industry's requirements for nitrogen purity, and nitrogen generator cost factors. These are all food preservation nitrogen generators that must be considered when purchasing. There is also the stability of the operation of the equipment, which is related to the operation effect and working efficiency of the food fresh-keeping nitrogen generator.

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