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The role and principle of the nitrogen generation system
- Nov 10, 2018 -

The nitrogen generation system can effectively reduce the oxygen content in the mixed air of the central tank to a level that is insufficient to support combustion. The function of the nitrogen generating system is: controlling the air pressure entering the system; converting the ozone in the air into oxygen; lowering the air temperature; removing impurities from the air; removing oxygen from the air; providing sufficient nitrogen to the central tank; System performance check.


Analysis of the working principle of the nitrogen generating system:


The system can control the bleed air from the bleed air mains by means of the bleed air of the left bleed air system, and the controller uses the system pressure and voltage to control the NGS shut-off valve. The controller adjusts the opening of the shut-off valve by receiving a pressure signal from a sensor on the bleed air conduit, thereby achieving the purpose of shutting off the valve control and entering the system pressure.


At the same time, the nitrogen generating system adopts a multi-cavity design, which not only can disperse the impact strength of the compressed air on the molecular sieve, but also effectively ensure the long-term stable supply of nitrogen.http://www.cnrelita.com/

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