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The economics and practicality of the nitrogen flushing machine for galvanized wire
- Jan 03, 2019 -

In the past, most galvanizing line manufacturers chose bottled nitrogen, but since most of the bottled nitrogen is a by-product of other manufacturers' cryogenic oxygen plants, most of the bottled nitrogen is not pure enough, and oxygen and water indicators often exceed the standard. If the water content of the medium is too high, water vapor is generated when the temperature is too high, and bubbles are formed in the PE in the plastic state, which will prematurely aging the PE. Therefore, a special nitrogen rinsing machine is required for the galvanizing line.

Nitrogen flushing machine is used for galvanizing line. It has the advantages of simple process flow, normal temperature production, low energy consumption, high automation, convenient opening and closing, less maintenance, and the purity of nitrogen can be adjusted with gas volume. , is an efficient on-site nitrogen production system.

Due to the special requirements of galvanizing line, the use pressure of nitrogen is 1.2-1.6 MPa, and the instantaneous gas consumption of nitrogen is large. Therefore, the nitrogen rinsing machine is used for galvanizing line design with medium-pressure storage tank to balance the fluctuation of gas consumption, medium pressure storage. The number of cans can be configured according to the number of user lines and the production conditions.

The actual operation of the nitrogen flushing machine for galvanized wire shows that the technology is advanced in technology, high in automation, adapts to the nitrogen demand of the galvanizing line, solves the problem of self-production and supply of nitrogen, and has quick investment and can be widely used in chemical industry. , metallurgy, food and other processes requiring inert gas protection, replacement, and pressing.


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