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The advanced nature of PSA nitrogen generator and its principle of nitrogen production
- Oct 09, 2018 -

PSA nitrogen generator is an advanced gas separation equipment. It is based on high-quality imported carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent. It uses high pressure swing adsorption principle at normal temperature to separate high-purity nitrogen. In addition, advanced switching power supply is also used to improve the efficiency of electrolytic separation; there is an improved double-cathode stainless steel electrolytic separation cell, electrolysis of nitrogen and oxygen are simultaneously performed, and the electrolyte circulation is smooth.


The reason why the PSA nitrogen generator can produce nitrogen is to use the difference in the adsorption capacity of nitrogen and other gas molecules in the molecular sieve to form a concentration difference accumulation, and produce high-purity nitrogen at the end of the molecular sieve column. At the same time, two molecular sieve columns are used, and one of the adsorption products simultaneously extracts a part of the product gas for another analysis, thereby realizing the on-line regeneration of the molecular sieve, and the overall performance is that the instrument continuously outputs high-purity nitrogen.


The PSA nitrogen generator can adjust the purity and flow rate of nitrogen according to requirements. It can produce up to 99.999% nitrogen products. The flow rate can range from several hundred milliliters to several tens of liters to several cubic meters per minute. The purity and flexibility can be configured according to each demand. The specific customization can be used by customers who have high requirements on purity and flow.


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