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Structure and process of mobile gaseous nitrogen generator
- Feb 12, 2019 -

Whether in remote mountainous areas, deserts or offshore platforms, mobile gaseous nitrogen generators can meet the requirements of different gas consumption and continuous gas consumption to ensure customer production. The main components of the mobile gaseous nitrogen generator are an air compressor unit, a membrane separation and nitrogen generator, a booster unit, and an auxiliary unit.

The air compressor unit of the mobile gaseous nitrogen generator includes a diesel engine or an electric motor driven air compressor including an in-situ control system; the membrane separation nitrogen generator is an air purification treatment system, a membrane separation nitrogen production system, and a central control system.A booster unit is a diesel engine or motor driven supercharger that includes a local control system. Other equipment needed to meet the oil and gas production process, such as foam metering pumps.

When the mobile gaseous nitrogen generator is in operation, the ambient air is compressed by the air-injection screw air compressor unit, and the oil/gas is separated and cooled, and then enters the air treatment device of the membrane system; the air treatment device of the membrane system is used to compress the oil in the air. / Water for staged filtration, automatic air temperature adjustment, activated carbon adsorption and oil removal.

The dried, clean and constant-temperature compressed air after treatment enters the membrane separation and nitrogen generator; the membrane separation and nitrogen generator separates the treated air by oxygen and nitrogen, and the separated oxygen-enriched air is collected and discharged into the atmosphere; The pressurized nitrogen is then pressurized by the booster unit to the pressure required by the user and sent to the user for use in the lower section.


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