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Specific application of laser cutting nitrogen generator
- Nov 22, 2018 -

At present, the laser cutting process is widely used, and can achieve better cutting quality. In the process of laser cutting, a nitrogen cutting method can be used, which not only improves the cutting quality, but also expands the processing range. In order to ensure sufficient nitrogen supply, a corresponding laser cutting nitrogen generator is required.

The main advantage of nitrogen cutting is the high quality of the cut and the ability to machine different workpieces. Corresponding laser cutting nitrogen generators are also widely used. The entire production system usually consists of a compressed air system, an air purification system, a nitrogen generator, and a booster. Nitrogen cutting provides a high quality non-oxidized section that meets the high requirements of stainless steel welding for cutting sections.

During the operation of the laser cutting nitrogen generator, the adsorption amount of the carbon molecular sieve to the adsorbed gas will change correspondingly under different pressures. By this principle, the pressure can be lowered to desorb the carbon molecular sieve from oxygen, and this process is regeneration. According to the different regeneration pressure, it can be divided into vacuum regeneration and atmospheric pressure regeneration. Atmospheric regeneration facilitates the complete regeneration of molecular sieves, making it easy to obtain high purity gases.


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