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Principles of operation of oxygen generator for aquaculture
- Jan 24, 2019 -

Oxygen generators for aquaculture generally require a purity of more than 90%. They play an extremely important role in a wide range of fields such as welding, chemical, water treatment and aquaculture. Its interior uses multiple sets of 10L/min molecular sieves for pressure filtration. It uses air as the raw material, and is first pressurized by a high-pressure air pump. After the high-pressure air passes through the molecular sieve, the nitrogen is filtered out and discharged periodically, and the remaining pure oxygen is then sent to the equipment requiring oxygen through the gas outlet.

Since the air will rise sharply during pressurization, there should be a certain cooling device during the pressurization of the aquaculture oxygen generator. Moreover, before passing through the molecular sieve, the water vapor in the air should be completely removed. We installed a water cooling system and a drying system on the metal gas pipe, and at the same time, an air-cooling fan was added to the outer tank of the anoxic machine to cool down. Reduce the efficiency of the overall machine.

The high-pressure air has a pressure release process at the air outlet, and a pressure buffer is needed here to ensure a stable air outlet pressure. Therefore, a complete oxygen generator consists of a set of cooling circulating water inlet and outlet, a condensate outlet pipe, and a pure oxygen outlet.


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