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Preparation and self-test of Small Nitrogen Generator before starting
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Before using a Small Nitrogen Generator , remove the hydrogen generator from the bag, check for damage due to improper transportation, check the spare parts of the instrument, and confirm that the equipment has no quality problems before proceeding. When self-testing the Small Nitrogen Generator , it is necessary to remove the air supply port and the sealing nut of the nitrogen generator inlet, and connect them with a Φ3 gas pipe to prevent air leakage.


Start the Small Nitrogen Generator  air source, when the pressure indication of the air source rises, when the air pressure reaches 0.4Mp, turn on the nitrogen generator power switch, and tighten the nitrogen generator nitrogen output sealing cap. At this time, the two flow rate display tables of the nitrogen generator are displayed as about 500ml/min; the output pressure rises slowly in about fifteen minutes. When the set value is reached, the flow rate drops, and the final display is “000”, indicating that the instrument is self-tested. .


If the displayed number is greater than 0, check the Small Nitrogen Generator output port with soap to see if the nut is tightened. After completing the above operation, shut down and remove the nitrogen outlet nut, and connect the gas equipment or gas purification device with the pipeline.


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