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Maintenance cycle of Nitrogen Generator for Food Package
- Oct 22, 2018 -

The main raw material of Nitrogen Generator for Food Package is high quality compressed air. The strict requirements are also imposed on compressed air. First, the compressed air content must be less than 0.003ppm; the compressed air outlet pressure must be controlled at 0.75Mpa-1.2Mpa. Between the two, there is pressure loss in the process of compressed air from the air compressor system to the nitrogen generator system, so the air compressor is generally equipped with 0.8Mpa.


In order to extend the use of nitrogen generators for food packaging, the equipment needs regular maintenance. The periodic maintenance of its air-cooled dryer is mainly to periodically clean the radiator and clean the sewage outlet; carefully read the high-purity nitrogen generator integrated The operating and maintenance instructions for the cabinet are used to maintain the cold-drying machine in strict accordance with the periodic maintenance methods and measures recommended by the dryer manufacturer.


The periodic maintenance of the precision filter in the nitrogen generator for food packaging mainly replaces the filter element periodically according to the condition of the filter. If the pressure difference of the filter is found to be too large, replace the filter element in time. It is recommended to replace it every 6,000 hours. The replacement cycle of the activated carbon filter is mainly based on the use condition of the filter, and the replacement cycle is generally 6000-8000 hours.


The calibration of the oxygen analyzer in theNitrogen Generator for Food Package is checked once a month. If the oxygen content is higher than the rated value, consider whether the oxygen probe has expired and replace the oxygen probe in time; the recommended replacement period is one year. http://www.cnrelita.com/

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