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Main technical features of mobile oxygen generator
- Sep 30, 2018 -

The movable oxygen generator is easy to use and has a wide range of applications. It is used in electric steelmaking, wastewater treatment, and non-ferrous gold smelting.

Good application results have been achieved in fields such as field cutting construction. The mobile oxygen generator can also be used in an oxygen deficient, hypoxic or oxygen free environment.


The main technical features of the mobile oxygen generator:


1. The device adopts a perfect process design, which makes the application convenient and the product quality is high;

2. Using the new oxygen production process, continuously optimize the structural design of the movable oxygen generator, reducing energy consumption and capital investment.

3. The movable oxygen generator is easy to operate, stable in operation, high in automation, and can be operated unmanned.

4. Unique molecular sieve protection equipment to effectively extend the service life of molecular sieves.

5. In use, this mobile oxygen generator can be equipped with oxygen flow, automatic purity adjustment system, remote monitoring system, etc.


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