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Main structural features of high purity psa nitrogen generator
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Ultra-pure nitrogen can be produced using a high-purity psa nitrogen generator. In actual operation, the machine can produce 95% to 99.999% purity with almost all compressed air supply, and the dew point can reach -58°F (-50 °C) compressed nitrogen. Designed to continuously convert standard compressed air to nitrogen under safe, set pressure without the operator's attention.

Structural features of high purity psa nitrogen generator:

The machine structure is fully enclosed (steel) casters, and is equipped with high-efficiency cohesive and sterilizing air filters, and can also be equipped with an oxygen analyzer. The machine adopts PLC control, which can provide oxygen purity alarm and dry contact, standby mode.

As for the purity of the nitrogen produced, it can be adjusted by a flow control valve of a high-purity psa nitrogen generator to maintain between 95% and 99.999%. In summary, the high-purity psa nitrogen generator converts standard compressed air into nitrogen with a purity of up to 99.9999%, which is much more pure than high-purity cylinder nitrogen. Nitrogen is produced using purification techniques and high-efficiency filtration techniques.http://www.cnrelita.com/

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