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Main features of medical nitrogen generator
- Nov 03, 2018 -

The separation of oxygen and nitrogen can be accomplished by using a nitrogen generator for medical use, and the person in the vehicle can obtain nitrogen of the desired purity. The machine's original molecular sieve composite bed structure protects the carbon molecular sieve from micro-oil and water pollution, which is beneficial to the long-term service life of the carbon molecular sieve. The equipment adopts reasonable structural design and special airflow diffusing device to avoid the phenomenon of molecular sieve powdering caused by high-speed impact of airflow.


The medical nitrogen generator is stable in operation and has a high degree of automation. It adopts PLC automatic degree control and can automatically adjust according to the purity of nitrogen. The device has a compact structure and a small footprint, and is easy to operate. The device is fully automatic controlled, and it is convenient and quick to open and stop, and it is completely unattended.


In comparison, medical nitrogen generators require lower costs for routine operation and maintenance. Moreover, the device has strong independence, high stability and high reliability. Under normal use conditions, the medical nitrogen generator device has low energy consumption and low operating cost.

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