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Introduction to the performance of nitrogen generators for food
- Sep 21, 2018 -

After the clean and dry compressed air enters the nitrogen generator for food, the oxygen molecules in the compressed air are adsorbed by means of different principles of adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen at different pressures by the carbon molecular sieve, thereby obtaining more than 99.5% of nitrogen. In the process of preparation, the purity of nitrogen will be monitored online for 24 hours to meet food processing needs.


In the nitrogen generator for food, the key component of the carbon molecular sieve is a new type of adsorbent, which is an important component of the adsorber. When one reaches the adsorption equilibrium, regeneration begins; while the other is adsorbed, the two adsorbers work alternately to obtain nitrogen continuously. The balance gas source uses nitrogen in a nitrogen storage tank, and the flow rate of the balance gas is controlled by a restriction valve and a check valve to supplement the working adsorber.


In this way, in the process of preparing nitrogen gas for the food nitrogen generator, the working adsorber can reach the optimal working pressure in the shortest time, and the service life of the carbon molecular sieve and the purity of the nitrogen are also improved.

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