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How to choose an on-site nitrogen generator?
- Dec 26, 2018 -

On-site nitrogen generators are often used in the production process in the food and beverage industry. For the user, the factory that produces its own nitrogen can save 50% of the cost of gas and save costs associated with improving operational efficiency. In addition, on-site nitrogen generators can reduce the costs associated with trucking and CO2 emissions.

For the time being, most of the on-site nitrogen generators are typically constructed in a stand-alone configuration or in a cabinet or skid configuration depending on the amount of nitrogen required. The product setup is very simple, just connect the standard compressed air line to the inlet of the nitrogen generator and connect the air outlet to the nitrogen line.

In general, the choice of on-site nitrogen generators is largely determined primarily by the purity of the nitrogen required for the application. For example, applications such as fire protection require nitrogen purity of 95% to 98%, and membrane generators are the preferred generator for such applications. In explosion-proof areas, membrane generators are also a good choice because they do not require electricity.


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