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Excellent features of High Purity Nitrogen Generation Unit
- Oct 24, 2018 -

The High Purity Nitrogen Generation Unit device can directly extract high-purity nitrogen from the air and is used in various gas chromatographs at home and abroad; it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, sanitation, quarantine, electric power, and universities. Room analysis and inspection department.


The control system of the High Purity Nitrogen Generation Unit device uses a dedicated chip. It is the completion of program control for all work processes. Automatic constant pressure, constant current, nitrogen flow can be fully adjusted according to the dosage of 0-300ml/min. In addition to the two-stage catalysis in the electrolytic cell, there is a third-pole catalysis. The catalyst is made of a new noble metal, so that the nitrogen content of the output nitrogen is less than 3 ppm.


The electrolytic cell of the High Purity Nitrogen Generation Unit device adopts a vertical single-surface double cathode and the latest membrane separation technology, and the catalytic layer uses a PCAN carrier and a noble metal catalyst to make the electrolytic cell have high catalytic efficiency, large gas production, high nitrogen purity, and the electrolytic cell is ex-factory. After more than 100 hours of high-voltage, high-current aging test, the performance and working state of the electrolytic cell are extremely stable.


The High Purity Nitrogen Generation Unit uses an ultra-high molecular weight permeation separation technology and an effective dehumidification device, thereby reducing the original humidity and automatically discharging moisture after shutdown. The use of metal polymer dehumidification and two-stage adsorption is the purity of nitrogen is greatly improved. Moreover, the whole equipment is easy to operate, it is free of transportation of steel cylinders, and it is difficult to transport cylinders. It can be used only by turning on the power switch to produce nitrogen. It can be used continuously or intermittently, and the nitrogen production is stable without attenuation.

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