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Design and composition of the oxygen generator for aquaculture
- Dec 19, 2018 -

The oxygen generator for aquaculture uses air as the source of oxygen, does not require any auxiliary materials, and has no pollution in the whole production process and low production cost. The machine adopts full pneumatic control, the structure is simple and reliable, and the container is maintained. The compressed air is equipped with an air purification and drying treatment device to clean and dry the air, which is beneficial to the long-term use of the molecular sieve.

The oxygen generator for aquaculture can meet the requirements of frequent use of the pressure swing adsorption process in use. Together with the reliable and perfect process design, the new molecular sieve adopts a new oxygen production process to continuously optimize the device design and reduce energy consumption and equipment investment cost.

The oxygen generator for aquaculture has stable performance and is controlled by plc, which can realize fully automatic operation, low operation failure rate, and oxygen production and purity can be adjusted within an appropriate range. The main structural components of the machine include: oil-free air compressor, radiator, precision filter, oxygen unit, drying system, check valve, stainless steel casing, voltmeter, sample switch, flow meter, etc.



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