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Application field of oil & gas PSA nitrogen generator
- Oct 13, 2018 -

Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless gas with a volume percentage of 78.03% in air and is a chemically inert gas. Utilizing its inert nature, nitrogen is widely used to prevent oxidation, prevent combustion and explosion. Therefore, the oil and gas PSA nitrogen generator application industry includes not only oil, natural gas, but also chemical, pharmaceutical, and injection molding.


Chemically inert nitrogen is often used in the production, storage and transportation of chemical products. The nitrogen produced by the PSA nitrogen generator is used in the chemical industry for fire, moisture and oxidation prevention. It is widely used in the transportation of chemicals. Protection of materials and catalysts in chemical production processes, nitrogen seals for chemical product packaging, purge of chemical pipes and vessels, and prevention of moisture during chemical product production.


In the pharmaceutical industry, nitrogen produced by oil and gas PSA nitrogen generators is widely used in the manufacturing process to prevent oxidation, and nitrogen is also used as an effective protection method for the storage of some easily oxidized chemicals. In order to improve the quality of injection molding products and the flexibility of design, plastic manufacturers usually use nitrogen injection molding. According to different process conditions, the purity of nitrogen required for plastic injection molding is 95%-99.995%.

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