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Advantages of Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generatorcompared to other nitrogen supply methods
- Oct 11, 2018 -

The large-flow variable Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator is based on an independent and effective modular structure. It can be upgraded according to different requirements, providing high-purity nitrogen with a high flow rate of 5-64L per minute, which fully meets the high-flow nitrogen gas in the industry. Gas source needs to effectively reduce the cost of acquisition and save valuable space.


The large flow Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator adopts the imported ultra-fine hollow fiber membrane physical separation and the electromagnetic valve and pipeline joint to control the air flow; the special precious metal catalytic impurity removal device removes the residual impurities to obtain the suspension-free liquid, no o-benzene High purity nitrogen salt of diformate.


The filter system of Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator has intelligent clogging alarm function, built-in air compressor, no need to supply air source, the whole machine can output nitrogen, high humidity environment; built-in advanced silencer and soundproof case, The overall system has low noise and long warranty service period; it is more economical than other nitrogen supply methods. The Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator has the advantages of no switching valve, less maintenance, faster gas production and convenient capacity, and is particularly suitable for nitrogen demand in various industries.


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