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Advantages of Automatic PSA Nitrogen generator with Air Compressor
- Nov 17, 2018 -

The Automatic PSA Nitrogen generator with Air Compressor uses high-quality molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption separation to produce nitrogen, which not only has a fast nitrogen production rate, but also has high purity. At the same time, the machine has a variety of specifications to choose from, its light weight, small footprint, no need to set up a separate base. In the operation of the device, it can be used as a simple device. Just turn on the power switch and the instrument can produce gas. The process is mature and durable.

From the technical point of view, the Automatic PSA Nitrogen generator with Air Compressor can reduce the impact of gas on the molecular sieve in the process of nitrogen production, and the other is to improve the utilization rate of compressed air. This process is more reasonable, scientific and mature. The direct effect is that the nitrogen recovery rate is increased, the gas production is increased, and the indirect effect is to reduce energy consumption by 30%.

In addition, the Automatic PSA Nitrogen generator with Air Compressor has compact structure, excellent cost performance, convenient installation and reduced cost. The high-quality carbon molecular sieve has high adsorption capacity, high compression resistance and long service life. In summary, the use of this mechanism is more economical than other nitrogen supply methods.


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