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Advantages and uses of food use psa nitrogen generator
- Dec 12, 2018 -

The food use psa nitrogen generator has the advantages of stable performance, high work efficiency and convenient operation. The new generation of low-energy food psa nitrogen generators uses a differential pressure equalization process to recover energy, separating oxygen and nitrogen from the air with high efficiency and low energy consumption. Molecular sieve filling and compacting are carried out in a professional manner in a professional environment.

The food use psa nitrogen generator is specially equipped with programmable controller control, which is extremely easy to operate, and can maintain the output nitrogen under the condition of stable pressure. The unqualified nitrogen venting device truly guarantees the quality of nitrogen used by the user, the purity of nitrogen, The flow can be automatically recorded, which is convenient for finding the working status at any time. The whole process can realize unmanned operation and remote monitoring.

In the food industry, food use psa nitrogen generators are widely used. For example, filling nitrogen in production and processing canned or bagged milk powder can prevent fat oxidation in milk powder and prolong the warranty period. For puffed and fried foods, nitrogen gas can prevent the food from oxidizing and softening and softening, and the shape packaging is good, and the transportation is not easy to crush.


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