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Advantages and application range of oxygen generator for water treatment
- Sep 26, 2018 -

The oxygen generator for water treatment can produce high purity oxygen under normal temperature and normal pressure conditions. Since the device entered industrialization, the technology has developed rapidly. Because of its high cost performance and strong competitiveness in the market, it is widely used in steelmaking and melting, blast furnace oxygen enrichment, pulp bleaching, glass furnace and wastewater treatment. And other fields.


In recent years, the superiority of oxygen generators for water treatment has been recognized by the majority of users. The unit not only provides high purity oxygen, but also has lower installation and operating costs than bottled or liquefied oxygen. It uses air as raw material, does not need any auxiliary materials, consumes less electricity, and has low oxygen production cost. Safe and reliable operation. The whole unit is simple, and the moving equipment is only an air compressor and a cooler.


In practical applications, the operation and control of the oxygen generator for water treatment is also relatively simple. The device is widely used, in addition to environmental protection, including drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, pulp bleaching, etc., and can also be used in metallurgy industry, non-ferrous smelting industry, sewage biochemical treatment chemical industry and other industries.

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