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Advanced configuration of medical grade nitrogen making machine
- Jan 29, 2019 -

Medical grade nitrogen making machine is suitable for food, pharmaceutical industry, water needle, powder needle, large infusion medicine and biochemical, isolated and transport nitrogen supply equipment. It mainly consists of three systems, namely compressed air aftertreatment system, PSA pressure reverse suction system and gas precision filtration sterilization system.

The purity of nitrogen produced by the medical grade nitrogen making machine reaches 99.99%, no heat source, aseptic drop, and meets the GMP production requirements of the international pharmaceutical industry. It also adopts the international new PSA nitrogen production process, all stainless steel highly polished and unique adsorber structure design to ensure the production of high purity nitrogen.

Medical grade nitrogen making machine use high-quality components to ensure system life; plus PLC program controller and KY-2N analyzer, automatic control and monitoring can be implemented, unattended. The human-machine interface operating system can be designed according to user needs, PLC programmable, transmitter conversion digital design, real-time dynamic display of various technical parameters, automatic switching monitoring.


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