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Gas Filter Welding Smoke Purifier

JIANGSU RELITA welding fume extractor are mainly used to extract/collect the fume and dust in the metal fabrication process, like the welding, polishing, grinding, metal cutting, etc.

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Introduction of Gas Filter Welding Smoke Purifier

Portable/Mobile Welding Fume Extractor with Double Exhaust Extractor Arms

JIANGSU RELITA welding fume extractor are mainly used to extract/collect the fume and dust in the metal fabrication process, like the welding, polishing, grinding, metal cutting, etc.

With active carbon filter layer, some odor gas can be absorbed before released the clean air. Portable type with small size, you can move them freely in your workshop to the working position, economic and high efficiency.


Specification Parameters of Welding Smoke Purifier


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30% deposit by T/T, the balance paid before delivery by T/T, or L/C at sight.

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Welding Fume Extraction Machine


Capacity and highly effective welding fume extractor will be packed by wooden cases or as request


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Facility Characteristics of Gas Filter Welding Fume Purifier

1) It is equipped with special turbo fan and motor, both the air pressure and air volume can reach the standard, and to ensure that the welding fume purification a good performance.

2) Advanced design of air suction hood and dust collector function in one body, to prevent the diffusion of welding smoke pollution from the source.

3) The circuit of the machine is adopted overload protection circuit, which prevent equipment and circuit burn, so the machine has a high security and stable performance.

4) The hose of the flexible extraction arm is high quality PVC steel wire hose, it can resist the 140°C, with corrosion resistance and light weight .

5) The built in support structure is a set of self balance type linkage mechanism with characteristics of a full range of hovering, pull the handle on the hood, easily stretch the arm to reach any position within the arm length (we can custom made the arms length according to user needs, the max is 5m long), and hover in the ideal position of soot absorption without any auxiliary supporting facilities.

6) The flexible extraction arm can be applied for the complicated condition that have no way to install the ducting.

7) Filter is an important part of the fume extractor machine, it is the heart of the dust removal equipment, its performance and quality is the key to the service life of the equipment and the performance of fume extraction. We use the imported PTFE polyester fiber material for the main cartridge filter. The material has very low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and excellent chemical stability, high accuracy, according to the condition of fine up to 0.2 microns. The material surface is smooth, not easy to adhere, it is more easy for the pulse jet cleaning system. The cartridge filter service life is long, around 1-2 years under normal operating conditions.

8) Cleaning way: manual cleaning, and automatic cleaning system.
For the auto cleaning type, we use the pulse jet cleaning way, that is, one by one cartridge automatic cleaning orderly, pulse valve open a time, then generates a pulse action, the injection pulse intensity and frequency can be adjusted, and the cleaning and filtration can be run at the same time, so to make sure the machine works well and promote the production efficiency.

9) The inside of the fume extractor machine is adopted with three layer protective measures for fire hazard and large molten slag particles, to make the purifier for a longer service life, and more safe and reliable.

10) The Fume Extractor is equipped with industrial casters: the active casters and stationary casters, to make sure a free movement and positioning. The caster is of surface super polyurethane materials, to make the equipment has a high impact resistance and strength.

11) The reasonable collocation of the grid air outlet and the high quality sound insulation material can reduce the noise of the welding fume purifier effectively.

12) The consumptive material of the fume extractor has a stable performance, and convenient and quick to change.


Application Ranges of Welding Fume Extractor

Industrial welding fume extractor/portable laser soldering smoke filter and purifier

1) Argon arc welding

2) Electric-arc welding

3) Carbon-dioxide arc welding

4) Electric slag pressure welding

5) Oxygen-acetylene Gas Welding

6) Flash butt welding ultrasonic

7) Other Welding Process


Service Warranty of Welding Smoke Purification Machine

1, Equipment maintenance

Quality guaranty period:15months after equipment factory delivery or 12 months after equipment site operation inspection acceptance, whichever occurs first;

2, Site commissioning

If necessary, the seller provides free site operation and maintenance training.

If site service is provided, the customer provides charges for visa application,round trip air tickets, board and lodge charges, transportation charges, etc. for service engineers.

After training, operation personnel are to be able to operate the equipment efficiently;

After training, the maintenance personnel are to be able to master daily maintenance and repair knowledge;

3, Service response time

Upon reception of the notice of equipment failure, within 24 hours, provide thebest solution and guidance.

4, Other service

Periodically remind the buyer to replace wearing parts, check equipment;

Periodically perform product operation survey, collect service suggestions;

Establish after-sales service record.

Smoke layer, dust, welding fumes and a bad atmosphere in your workshop? Or work stations are frequently changing? RELITA portable fume extractors help you to solve this. Contact me for more details.

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