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Card Sheet Feeder Machine

A whole stack of sheeted products such as postcard, greeting card, hangtag, packaging bag, unformed box, label, envelope, red envelope and etc;

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Application Scope of Card Sheet Feeder Machine

A whole stack of sheeted products such as postcard, greeting card, hangtag, packaging bag, unformed box, label, envelope, red envelope and etc;

Folding products such as instruction, propaganda poster and various folding products with different sizes;

Book-like products such as instruction, card book, notebook, cartoon book, magazine and various book-like products with different sizes, the machine can automatically separate them and convey them to the conveyor belt one by one.

It can not only be used in counting as scorecard separately, but also can be integrated into related equipment as automatic scorecard to cooperate with various kinds of packaging line such as pillow type packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, automatic conveyor, automatic shrink packaging machine and etc.


Specification Parameters of Automatic Card Machine

Speed of sending cards

300  pieces/minute (related to card’s size)

Thickness of sending cards


Size of sending cards

Sending  card’s length: 50-00 mm

(can   be customized according to requirements)

Sending  card’s width: 110-300mm

(can be customized according to requirements)

Power control system

Servo   motor drive PLC control

Voltage and power







Export Standard


1 Year


Main Features of Card Sheet Feeder Machine

★ Servo motor drive system, PLC controller and touch interface are easy to operate and use. Settings and operations can be easily done on the touch screen. At the same time, it has a storage function that can be automatically run when setting related data.
★ The maximum speed of the servo motor reaches 50 m / min.
★Automatic card dispenser is connected to the automatic packaging machine, and the card is quickly and automatically issued according to the number of different packages.
★Automatic alarm function when the card is lost or no card. You can choose to send a single card, multi-card or connected card function.
★ Adopt photoelectric control. When a normal power switch is turned on with a photo sensor, it can automatically send a card.
★ Supporting automatic packaging equipment to truly realize the integration of automatic packaging.
★ The system itself has a variety of function settings, including predictive card length, each card number setting, automatic stop work, dual card or no card alarm, real-time online monitoring.
★The structure design is reasonable, and the fast wear parts can be replaced quickly and easily.

Our Service and advantage of Card Sheet Feeder Machine

1/We have many experience on carder feeder work.

2/We can customize special carder feeding machine as customer demand.

3/Technical service for assembling.

4/Variety types for selection, prompt deliver.

5/Well-equipped with extensive sales network.

6/Advanced Production equipment and production technique.

7/Competitive Price (Factory direct price) with our good service.

8/Different designs are available according to customer requests.

9/Excellent quality testing equipment, 100% inspection on critical.

Maintenance of Card Sheet Feeder Machine

1. Daily maintenance

1) Check if the machine is clean.

2) Check if power supply is ok.

3) Turn off the power after work.

4) Clean the machine.

5) Check and fasten any loosen screws.

2. Period maintenance

1) Clean the sensor weekly.

2) Maintain the belts and gears yearly, clean up and apply new grease.


Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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