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Automatic Card Sender Machine

A whole stack of sheeted products such as postcard, greeting card, hangtag, packaging bag, unformed box, label, envelope, red envelope and etc;

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Product Details

Application Scope of Automatic Card Sender Machine

A whole stack of sheeted products such as postcard, greeting card, hangtag, packaging bag, unformed box, label, envelope, red envelope and etc;

Folding products such as instruction, propaganda poster and various folding products with different sizes;

Book-like products such as instruction, card book, notebook, cartoon book, magazine and various book-like products with different sizes, the machine can automatically separate them and convey them to the conveyor belt one by one.

It can not only be used in counting as scorecard separately, but also can be integrated into related equipments as automatic scorecard to cooperate with various kinds of packaging line such as pillow type packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, automatic conveyor, automatic shrink packaging machine and etc.

Specification Parameters of Automatic Card Machine

Speed of sending cards

500 pieces/minute (related to card’s size)

Thickness of sending cards


Size of sending cards

Sending card’s length: 45-120 mm

(can be customized according to requirements)

Sending card’s width: 40-100 mm

(can be customized according to requirements)

Power control system

Servo motor drive PLC control

Voltage and power


Boundary dimension

About(L) 612×(W)400×(H)597mm


About 25kg

Automatic Card Sender Machine Detail

Original: Jiangsu, China

Price: Negotiable

Material: SS304

Payment term: TT, LC

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: Export Standard

Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Warranty: 1 Year

MOQ: 1 Set


Main Features of Automatic Card Sender

Servo motor drive system, PLC controller and touch interface are easily handled and utilized. Both settings and operation can be easily completed on the touch screen. Meanwhile, with storage function, it can automatically operate when relevant data is set.

Servo motor’s highest speed reaches 50m/minute.

Automatic card sender joints the full-automatic packing machine and automatically send cards according to different packaging quantity in a fast speed.

Automatic alarming function works when card misses or there is no card. Its function of sending single card, several cards or continuous cards can be chosen.

It adopts photoelectric control. It can automatically send cards when the general power switch is turn on with photoelectric sensor.

It is matched automated packaging equipment, realizing integration of automatic packaging genuinely.

The system itself has many function settings, including pretest card length, setting of card quantity each time, automatically stopping working and giving an alarm when there are double card or no card, with real time on-line monitoring.

Its structure is reasonably designed and can change quick-wear parts in a simple and quick way.


Our Automatic Card Sender Advantage

1.Easy to installation

2.Smooth operating with low noise

3.Strict quality management system

4.Superior equipment

5.Professional services

6.OEM/ODM services

7.High quality products

1) Variety types for selection

2) Competitive price

3) Prompt delivery

Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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